Free Climbing Routes at Kato Zakros


The Itanos Municipal Enterprise has marked free climbing routes at the gorge of Kato Zakros, accessible all year round.

The alternative vacation proposition, for those looking for extreme fun! All routes are covered and offer pleasurable, safe climbing.

You will find many routes, suited to all levels and abilities and suitable for all tastes.

At the famous gorge of Kato Zakros, also known as “Gorge of the Dead”, located at the final stretch of the European path E4, the Itanos Municipal Enterprise has established a variety of free climbing routes, suitable for climbers of all levels, and has bought the relevant equipment, which is for rent to those interested.

The free climbing routes of Kato Zakros are accessible all year round, moreover, climbing is possible at all times of the day, on the right- or left- hand side of the entrance to the gorge, where the routes are marked.

To repeat the routes a 50m rope is required and 8-10 sets.

All routes are covered; RP by double-ring relay.

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