Caves of East Crete



The cave is located north-east of the sea of Kato Zakros between Karoumes and Kato Zakros beach.

You can reach it after an hour’s journey from Kato Zakros by motorboat and a trek uphill. The mouth of the cave is located at a height of 105m above sea level.

You will see stalactites and stalagmites in wonderful shapes along the path inside the cave. However, you need to be careful because there are some difficult spots to cross in your exploration!



It is located approximately 1.3 km east of the village of Karidi, 22 km from Palekastro.

There are two noteworthy caves in the Karidi area, both with evidence of habitation. They are the Katofygi cave at Limnilakkos and the Peristeras cave. This latter is one of the more important Cretan caves.

It is some 300 m north of the public road and the place is known both as Platyvolo and Peristeras. The mouth of the cave is at 540 m above sea level. It is a deep subterranean cavern opening into Jurassic limestone, and the lowest point is located at 63 m lower than the mouth of the cave.

The opening is 23,5 m wide and 12 m high, but a big rock fall prevents close examination of much of the entrance area. From here one passes into a huge chamber 80 m deep and 35 m wide; at one side the height varies between 2-12m.



The village Agios Georgios, is located 14 km away from Sitia, on the Sitia-Makrigialos-Ierapetra road. Anyone interested in caves should not fail to visit the Micro Katofygi cave (425 m above sea level) north-west of the village, on the slopes of the hill of Mandiliou Plai.

It was inhabited in ancient times and remains of Early Minoan period were found inside, as well as bones of humans and other mammals.

The cave consists of a small chamber from which a sloping gallery descends some 40 m into the hillside, with many naturally decorative features, and hollows filled with water.

Not far away is the Megalo Katofygi cave. It has an opening 3,20 m wide and consists of two chambers, the first of which is 24 m deep and 12 m wide and the second 42m deep and 11m wide. The second chamber has four bays, in one of which there is a big pool of water. The entire course inside of the cave is almost 100m.

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